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Spring is Here! Is Your Deck Ready?

North Carolina Deck Patio Design

Can you feel it? Can you feel the pull of warmer weather enticing you to go outside and enjoy your deck or patio? As the weather improves, the days get longer, and plants start to awaken, we all seem to feel the pull: We want to start grilling, eat outside, and add to our landscaping. During this time most of us also start to think about summer entertaining—a backyard full of friends and family enjoying good food and good company.

With all these things in mind, you step out onto your back deck or patio and realize your builder-grade space is less than inviting. You see perhaps a 10’ x12’ area with barely enough room for a grill and dining table and quickly realize your outdoor space needs serious help. The team at Tarheel Associates, Inc. are experts when it comes to remodeling and expanding existing homes in New Bern and the surrounding area. They can take a boring backyard and turn it into a haven you and your guests will never want to leave.

Revamp your deck or patio:

It doesn’t take long for a home’s standard deck or patio to show serious wear and tear. Hours of direct sunlight zaps your wood and extreme weather changes can cause a concrete patio to crack. Now is the time to call in an experienced builder to work with you to remodel or rebuild your worn out deck. Discuss what you’ll be using the new space for and how often you plan to use it and he can help you select the perfect design and materials to ensure long-lasting enjoyment. While designing a new deck, consider adding special features such as built-in seating, a water feature, or a fire pit—and don’t forget to add extra outlets.

Add cozy comfort with a fire pit:

When a fire pit is added to a deck it is often built under the structure to optimum visual appeal. Your contractor could even build benches around the fire pit, making it much easier to enjoy this feature. Running a gas line to the fire pit is another good idea. No firewood will ever be required and the fire can be easily started and extinguished.

Install an outdoor kitchen:

When you’re serious about enjoying your outdoor oasis to the fullest, an outdoor kitchen is a must. When entertaining guests there’s nothing more annoying that having to traipse back and forth from your deck or patio and the kitchen—even if it’s only a few feet away. An outdoor cooking space allows you to prepare meals with the same ease you would inside. A contractor can make cooking a breeze by installing a grill, sink, stovetop, a frying station, a mini fridge, and more. If your new outdoor kitchen isn’t close to your interior kitchen, make sure to include cabinets or a cart to store grilling tools, utensils, plates, and serving pieces.

Wow guest with an amazing dining area:

After cooking in your new outdoor kitchen there’s nothing like eating a delicious meal outside in a beautiful and colorful setting. A round table is often best for good conversation and, to be sure guests want to stay for a while, comfortable seating is a must. You can even add pillows to dining chairs to increase comfort. Many designers suggest adding a smaller table nearby as a serving station for food and drinks.

With natural light bathing your outdoor dining space don’t be afraid to use bright, bold colors when selecting seating fabrics. To the eye, bright sunlight can often dampen bright colors so don’t be afraid to go for yellow, orange, fuchsia, azure, or lime green. After the sun goes down, lighting becomes important. Instead of the standard ceiling fan over your table, try hanging a beautiful chandelier connected to a dimmer switch. You can also add candles to the tables for soft, relaxing lighting at night.

Throw some shade:

Rain, wind, and even extra-sunny days can hamper your use—and enjoyment—of your outdoor kitchen. Make the most of your grilling and dining area by covering and protecting your space with a full roof, a partial roof, a pergola, or an outdoor umbrella. Shade sails are another popular option—especially in coastal areas. Your builder can help you decide which option is best for your home.

Make sure you don’t miss the game:

For the ultimate in outdoor entertaining, mount an all-weather television, speakers, and sound system outside. There’s nothing quite like enjoying a great college football game with friends and family while also enjoying the great outdoors. This kind of set up sure beats going to a local bar! Why bother with crowds and poor service when you can have a much better experience at home? When the television isn’t in use, the sound system can be used to play your favorite tunes.

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