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Is anyone ever completely satisfied with their home? It seems that we can all find a list of things we’d like to improve or replace—it can be a small change, such as installing a new front door, or a large change like tearing down a wall to open up a small room. But not all changes give a homeowner great return on investment. Read on to discover which home improvements are worth your while.


A study performed by HomeGain, a real estate listing site, named lighting as the number one feature home buyers notice. Thankfully, this is an easy issue for homeowners to update or improve. Do you have an annoying dark corner in one of your favorite rooms? Consider adding a skylight or sun tube to let natural light bathe your home. Another easy upgrade is the addition of dimmer switches which allow you to create mood and enhance your home’s appeal.


It happens nearly every time a group of friends gather—everyone seems to end up in the kitchen! It’s often said the kitchen is the heart of the home so it’s reasonable to see why this room should be near the top of the list for renovations. Installing new cabinets can make an incredible difference in the overall look of a kitchen and can easily bring an old kitchen into the twenty-first century. Replacing builder-grade countertops is another easy upgrade. HGTV says homeowners can expect to recoup 60 to 120% of the total investment on a kitchen remodel so why not have that kitchen island you’ve always wanted installed?


Most home builders might think a standard 10’ x 15’ deck on the back of a home is sufficient, but most home buyers would strongly disagree. Can you fully enjoy the outdoors on a deck that doesn’t even have enough room for more than a grill and a couple of lounge chairs? Find an experienced builder to remove that old eyesore and design and build a deck / porch that complements your home and adds a valuable space for cooking and entertaining outdoors. When the time comes to sell, buyers will take notice.


Make the most of your home’s unused space. A contractor can take your barely-used attic and transform it into a bedroom, craft room, office, or playroom. Refinished basements are great as a second living room or game room. Imagine creating a sports haven with big screen TVs, large leather chairs, and a built-in bar; or an adult play area with a pool and poker table, hardwood floors, and memorabilia on the walls. Future potential home buyers will appreciate the added square footage and will be more likely to meet a seller’s asking price.


Do you have a boring wall that’s only there to hold a few pictures? Why not turn that space into an amazing storage area? Built-in shelving can make a huge difference and turn that plain wall into a focal point of the room. The new space can hold books, mementos, art, or other meaningful items that deserve to be seen.

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